Q & A

Q: Do they come with bands, adjustable straps, clips etc?.
A: Only closure units come with elastic band for glue-less option by request. Please add elastic band in the special instruction for seller box. Frontal units come with clips by request. Please add clips in the special instruction for seller box.
Q:Do you offer wig renewal or reconstructions. Is there a time limit on how long one can come back to have it reconstruct?
A: Yes I do on units that I have made and highly recommend it. The bundles last for YEARS and will out live the closure/frontal. Don't trash those units ladies. This option is always available as long as the hair is manageable.
Q: Do you offer combo or package deals?
A: Coming soon
Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A:Yes choose SEZZLE at checkout
Q: Do you accept custom orders?
A: Only on ready to ship units for ladies with abnormal head sizes.(21,23,24). I may in the future accept a few custom orders a month. I’m still working things out y'all. Be patient with me.
Q: Can you alter the units?
A: No, they are already styled and come as is.
Q: Can you cut the lace?
A: Yes, upon request. Please add that request in the special instruction for seller box.
Q: Do you accept cash/cash app?
A: No, all orders are through my website, I accept debit, credit and payment plans via Sezzle. I pay a monthly subscription for a website.
Q: Can you hold a unit?
A: Yes for up to two weeks for a non refundable deposit 25%
Q:Do you deliver?
A: Yes, within 15 miles of my location. Pick up is also available Please contact me directly to discuss.
Q:Same day delivery/pick up/shipping?
A: Yes, depending on when order is placed.
Q:Do you install?
A: Not at the moment. No install is needed for the closure wigs. They are styled. Frontal wigs need installing but they are completely styled as well.
Crystal’s Ted talk:
  • Units on this page are ready to wear however may need to be re styled due to packaging.
  • I no longer accept cash app, cash etc because the pandemic has shown me to operate like a legitimate business.
  • Lastly, wigs are a luxury item. They are expensive but they last for years. You can install over and over for years to come. There is no trashing after 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years. I’ve worn every texture I offer for years and the quality is great.
***QUALITY over QUANTITY. I make all units like they are for me❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for shopping with me.***